Puppies! Necklaces! Sandwiches! Pocket squares! Sad British princes! And MORE.

In case you missed it, we discussed Kate’s tour wardrobe for their recent jaunt to Poland and Germany.

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– HBO’s Diana documentary aired this week, and I’m sure you all want to discuss, so please feel free! I have to confess that I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, which I am sure is a dereliction of duty, but don’t let it stop you. I heard it was very touching (and I also heard that certain subsets didn’t think the boys seemed upset enough because people on the internet love to police the emotions of strangers). Here’s are some clips from the KP twitter:

– This is a very interesting piece at The Court Jeweller about the Spencer tiaras, speaking of Diana.

– Vanity Fair opines: William and Kate’s European Tour Was a P.R. Victory for Britain.

– What Kate Wore has a truly comprehensive and excellent wrap-up of the tour, as well.

– Really interesting, at the New York TimesThe Duchess of Cambridge and Family Refine the Art of Pantone Politics:

– This makes me laugh. Prince Albert called People to tell them what he thinks about Harry and Meghan. Everything about this is funny to me, from Al’s long-standing habit of just calling People to chat, and the idea that he is a total celebrity gossip junkie who has THOUGHTS about other people’s romances. Are you reading this right now, Albert?!?

– Wills also wrote a letter that was published in the Eastern Daily Press about his time on the job. I know we have had many many many many many MANY many many discussions about his work load and I am sure those will continue, but it seems inarguable to me that this was, to him, an important part of his life.

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