Happy Ted Lasso Day AND Olympics Opening Ceremony Day! (Ugh, I love the Olympics and I’m concerned this one is going to be a shitshow because of the pandemic.)

– I rounded you up some RANDOM TREATS!

– On that topic: 100+ Years of Olympic Opening Ceremony Highlights [T&C]

– This is extremely well done by the LA Times: One of America’s hottest cities is down to one water well. What happens if the taps go dry?

– Wired’s History of Black Twitter is such a good read. Part II just came out. (Part I is here.)

– V. interesting, at VF: “This Is the Opportunity of a Lifetime”: Inside the Fight to Replace the Golden Globes

– This is a beautiful tear-jerker of an essay from Jack Thomas at the Boston Globe: I just learned I only have months to live. This is what I want to say.

– Interesting, at the Hollywood Reporter: Drugs, Death and Denial at a Rehab for the Rich

– This is a thoughtful piece about The Last Duel and also Matt Damon’s hair in the trailer is very distracting. [Lainey]

– Really funny: Hemingway Writes The Baby-sitters Club [McSweeney’s]

– I LOVED reading this conversation at Metafilter: USA Bars with very eccentric orders and/or menu

– I could not have said this better: I Feel Drunk Just Watching Seth Meyers And Lorde Day Drink. I later read a quote where Lorde said that the day after this, she had to have someone come to her hotel and “administer an IV to her corpse” and I could just FEEL the hangover in that. [Pajiba]

– GQ calls this “the inside story of the most famous billboard on earth.”

– Obvs relevant to our interests: One Woman’s Journey Through the (Allegedly) Fashionable World of Puff Sleeves

– PHEW. Lainey reports that the second season of Ted Lasso is good.  I really need this right now!!

– I didn’t expect any of these words in this order:  Angelina Jolie presented diplomas in a beekeeper’s kit to Bee School graduates. (The pics are really cute.) [Celebitchy]

– Finally, if you’ve never seen this…..you must. (Via Casey Morell)