Happy Friday, friends! May your weekend be either restful or a rager, depending on how you roll. We have much for you to read.

If you missed it in between the Globes coverage, and the Critics Choice Awards, we DID cover last weekend’s figure skating!

At The Daily Beast: Mark Wahlberg Is Sleazy and Opportunistic. Should We Be Surprised? (Edited to add: News also broke today that Marky Mark withheld casting approval of Christopher Plummer until his fee was agreed to. I personally think he’s been a shitbag for years, so none of this is surprising, but why people continue to work with him is beyond me.)

This is an incredible piece at the New York Times: How I Learned to Look Believable

At The Cut: I Started the Media Men List. My name is Moira Donegan.

At Pajiba: If Joy and Unicorns Could be Transformed into a Person that Person Would Be Taika Waititi (definitely watch the video in the embedded tweet.) He IS a DELIGHT. I watched What We Do In the Shadows over the holiday and you guys. It’s the best.

At Lainey: Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon were GREAT at the Critics’ Choice Awards; I loved The Big Sick.

At Revelist: TopShop is selling jeans that say “FAKE NEWS” along the side of the leg and I do not even get this. Are they saying you should wear jeans that imply your legs are a lie? Are they implying that your jeans are stable geniuses, the best jeans, the most tremendous jeans, but that your legs are haters and losers? This is a very confusing piece of clothing. And they’re selling out!

At Celebitchy: James Franco skipped the Critics Choice Awards, but will he be Oscar-nominated? Very good question indeed.

I loved this, at Girl of a Certain Age: On Living Alone.

I thought this was interesting, at Refinery29: The Best Brands To Re-Sell (By State!), According To Poshmark. (That headline is misleading, though. It’s not by state — it’s by region.) I don’t use Poshmark, because it seems like a lot of work, but on the other hand, I think ThredUp is a low-key scam for sellers (I’ve certainly used it, because it’s a bit of money for pieces The Real Real won’t take, and I would have donated the stuff I sent them anyway, but I think they are turning around and re-selling items they tell you they can’t sell themselves and keeping the money and I am just going back to donating to charities in my hometown again. This is literally based on nothing but my own interactions with them and a gut feeling, so take that as you will.).

Finally (also at Lainey), do you need some Chris Evans in his Captain America outfit right now? I thought so.