TOM HIDDLESTON: I thought this was a…normal movie premiere? I’m wearing a suit, like…a person? Hello? Am I…I am a person, right?

MAISIE WILLIAMS: Heeeeey so I was in the dressing room at Coach trying on these shiny pink pants when I realized that I was actually supposed to be here and all I had with me were the jeans I wore into the store and I decided that at least these pants are satin, and that seemed sorta fancy soooo…I just wore them?  I’m gonna be honest and tell you: I really regret that.

EDDIE REDMAYNE: Hello! I’ve spent all weekend sailing! We’re remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer from the point of view of the killer and I’m really trying to capture his aesthetic, except…stylish. It’s called I Know What I Did Last Summer and it’s going to buy me a summer place on Capri! Maisie, what are those pants going to buy you?


TOM: Let’s all just go inside and not talk to each other.

[Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock]