Happy weekend, friends! I hope it’s a wonderful one.

We had a LOT of Afternoon Chats here this week and they were all fun! Yesterday, we talked about our favorite First Day of School outfits. And throughout the week, we talked Holy Grails: Jeans,  brasnight creams; and eye creams. Check them out, and share yours!

Over at Drinks With Broads: As usual, And Just Like That was confounding albeit with some great real estate porn; Tuesday’s Free For Everyone Issue brought the absolute delights of Only Murders in the Building and Heather’s review of J. Lo Beauty, plus more Billionaires On the Loose; and Thursday, our paid subscribers got a piece covering everything from Love Island to Edith Wharton, with a stop over at Mila and Ashton’s Airbnb and Grace Kelly’s favorite villa, and brief discussion about Britney’s divorce. Come on by!

Are you a dog person? Do you have dog people friends and family who need gifts? I rounded up unhinged (and not!) dog-themed items from beach towels to Christmas ornaments to lamps to wallpaper!

Speaking of pets, at Vulture: Cat Performances, Ranked.

And speaking of Only Murders in the Building, at T&C: 20 Books Like Only Murders in the Building

Team Keke Palmer, always. And to her (probably) ex: Sorry to this man. [Lainey]

I love Into The Gloss’s Top Shelf feature, but they’ve been very unpredictable in terms of their posting schedule. It seems like it’s back, though, and I really thought this one with “Allison Bornstein, Celebrity Stylist + Wardrobe Specialist” was interesting.

This story about The Blind Side’s Michael Oher and the Tuohy family is just a mess. [Lainey]

At Vanity Fair: Andor: Inside the Making of a Perfect Star Wars Episode. (That episode is exceptional.)

Vox wonders: How does Elon Musk get away with it all?

Stevie Nicks commenting so positively about Daisy Jones and the Six must have been A THRILL!!!! for Taylor Jenkins Reid. For real. [Celebitchy]

This is an entertaining piece about “ice cream creations” including Germany’s “spaghettieis.” [Smithsonian]

Seems like a good time to bookmark  this NYT Cooking piece about their best air fryer recipes. [gifted link]

This also seems useful, at WaPo: 8 secrets to faking a clean house [gifted link]

I bought this skirt and I’m VERY happy with it. It’s more flattering than I thought it would be. (I found it true to size.)[J.Crew]

Ooooh, useful: 19 Rum Drinks to Sip Whether You’re on a Beach or Not. [Bon Appetit]

I DON’T want to do this: “You Can Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space in 2024 for $133,000.” [Travel and Leisure]

But I MIGHT want to do this: “How to Dress Like a Scandinavian Fashion Girlie This Season.” [The Cut]

Media is….a giant mess. At Pajiba: Only Four Networks Are Propping Up the Entire Cable TV Industry

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