Friday AT LAST! Here’s some stuff to read:

How do you feel about rainbows? Why don’t you WEAR SOME? We wrote a shopping post!

This is a bit old, and I meant to share it last week and just forgot, but it’s a hell of a read. At The Daily Beast: How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions 

This weekend marks the anniversary of the terrible weekend that white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, and Heather Heyer was murdered when one of them drove his car through a crowd. The photographer who won the Pulitzer for his picture of that moment recently photographed the wedding of Marcus Martin and Marissa Blair, who are also subjects of the photo (he saved her by pushing her to safety, injuring himself in the process [they were already engaged, this is not how they met]). (You should also read their Vows column in the New York Times.) We missed these pieces when they were originally published because we were in England and I wasn’t in front of my computer as much, but they felt both timely. [Slate, NYT]

If you didn’t read Kathleen Turner’s interview at New York this week, treat yourself.

This is the sort of analysis that Lainey does so well: Casey Affleck’s strong PR game.

Also at Lainey: The Brangelina divorce continues to seem v. v. contentious. This piece is also really interesting. To wit: “Gossip is a media game. And the people who play it at the highest level – both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – understand this better than most. Right now, Brad appears to be playing it better than Angelina who is very, very rarely outmatched. That’s partly because Brad’s been at it as long if not longer than she has, with as many if not more resources, but also because, well, gossip media is a reflection of our culture. And I don’t have to tell you which gender is advantaged in our culture.”

This GREAT. At Slate: The Greatest Upset in Quiz Show History.

At Vulture: The Long Crazy Road to Crazy Rich Asians.  This is a great and interesting look at the logistics behind getting a book made into a movie, among other things. And detail is insane and also profoundly unsurprising to me: “As Kwan remembers it, one interested producer proposed a specific change he felt would make the project more broadly commercial: Would Kwan consider changing the book’s protagonist Rachel Chu from Chinese-American to white?”  (And because I suspect one of you will ask: Yes, the movie adaptation of The Royal We is allegedly still in development, but we have no control over any of it, and have less than no idea what’s happening there.)

Related, this is fun and great: Behind the Scenes at The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Cover Shoot

ALSO related, at Vulture:  There’s Something About Henry (Golding). That man looks like a classic movie star if ever a man looked like a classic movie star.

This is really interesting, at The Cut: What It’s Like Living As a Diagnosed Psychopath

At Marie Claire: Even If You Hated Skyler White on Breaking Bad, She Changed TV Forever

I can’t believe we haven’t even talked about this yet! The Oscars Made Some Dumb Decisions Today. SO DUMB. SO ANNOYING AND DUMB. [Vulture]

Something about this piece cracked me up. At Revelist: Here’s What Eyeliner Trend You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign.

You will enjoy this, at The Atlantic: Historic Cat Photos on International Cat Day.

At Pajiba, a very important question: Who Is The Best Dressed Chris?

At Celebitchy: Here comes another round of rumors about Idris Elba being the new James Bond. SWEET JESUS WE NEED THIS IN 2018.

And finally: