I don’t think The Family is doing that well, making this the European Leg of the Press Tour For a Movie That Kinda Flopped In the States, which always amuses me — if only because it’s interesting to watch the big-name stars slowly peel away and leave the promo to the C listers. That hasn’t happened in this case yet (both Michelle Pfieffer and DeNiro were at this premiere), but just wait. Three weeks from now, this poor girl will still be on the road. Hope she packed more stuff:

This feels way too old for her — it might just be the styling, sure, but I feel like Julianne Moore could trot this out and we’d all nod happily. It’s Valentino, and it feels a bitThe Sound of Music As Envisioned By Valentino.She’s a nun, but she’s a damn well tailored nun.

The black and white thing seems to be a trend:

May I note that, as pretty as this is, it might have been more fun if her bag had been a color? Otherwise, I think this is a hit. But you know about my weakness for patterns. What say you, Fug Nation?