Guess what’s happening Sunday? THE EMMYS. We’ll be live-tweeting the red carpet over at Fug Girls, as usual, and come by Monday for GOWNS.

Until then:

– Over at Cosmo, we got some really good break-up stories out of Jamie Chung and Nicky Hilton.

– We also TALKED TO HELEN MIRREN OMG YOU GUYS. She is glorious perfection.

Heather took a selfie with Mariah Carey. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve decided she needs to be our friend.

– We got 3 Tips for Getting Through Fashion Week and/or Life, From Front-Row Celebs, such as, from Michelle Rodriguez, “if a designer is making stuff that doesn’t inspire you as a human being, what the f*ck is the point of you wearing it?” Indeed.

– And 6 Celebrities Share Their Best Girl-Power Advice at Fashion Week, including this from Christina Hendricks: “Expect equality. Demand equality.”

– This interview with Nancy Myers at Vulture is quite good.

– At Pajiba:  7 Possibly Irrational, Yet Emotionally Satisfying Suggestions for the Next ‘Doctor Who’ Companions

– At Punch, Garnishes Gone Wild: The Changing Aesthetics of the Cocktail

– Design Taxi has an animated explanation of why left-handed people exist. Because we’re AWESOME?

– Idris Elba continues to be QUITE ATTRACTIVE. (Lainey)

– Apparently, people were not that into Kanye’s Yeezy collection. Perhaps because it’s basically just Spanx. (Celebitchy)

– In praise of crazy 80s sequined butterfly tops. (Collector’s Weekly)

– This week’s recipe is this Meyer Lemon Tart from Cup of Jo because I LOVE MEYER LEMON TART.

– At Grantland, The ‘Law & Order’ Awards: Celebrating 25 Years of Bah-BHMMM. This is great and I also disagree with A LOT OF IT. NO ABBIE CARMICHAEL? I REJECT THIS!!!!1! That said, Lenny Briscoe is obviously the best detective and I will fight anyone who disagrees. H and I were on Jerry Orbach Drive in NYC this past week and I told her what I ALWAYS tell her, which is that I am STILL upset about Jerry Orbach dying.

– The AV Club wonders who wears the NFL’s worse uniforms.