We had a great time at New York Fashion Week this week! If you missed any of our coverage, catch up here. And also enjoy:

Ever just want to move into a cave? These are some good options.

– English archeologists may have found the bones of Richard III. In a parking lot! (BBC)

– You are going to love this article: The Cost of Being a Kid in A Classic Adventure Novel. It looks at several books, but kicks off with The Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler AND includes Harriet The Spy, two of my very favorite books ever.  It’s just such a good article. (The Awl)

Kim France examines how to get photographed during Fashion Week, and she is dead on. It is amazing to watch some of the women at Fashion Week who lurk around, obviously trying to land on someone’s style blog.  (Girls of a Certain Age)

I’d be more into Google glasses if they weren’t so HIDEOUS. Call me when Google makes futuristic hologram texting glasses — or whatever they are — that look like Chanel. (Time)

This profile of Mindy Kaling is awesome. It also made me cry a little bit. (New York via Vulture)

– I tip my hat to the ladies at Fashionista who spent a LOT of time in the bathroom at Fashion Week and reported on what they overheard. I could easily have been one of those people complaining about how GROSS THEY ARE. (Fashionista)

– You’re going to love this piece about the history of the “@” symbol. (Smithsonian)

We need to arrange a carefrontation for Amanda Bynes. I am not even kidding. She needs someone to help her out. (Celebitchy)

– Betsey Johnson had models carry live pigs down the runway and I am worried that those little pigs might have felt sort of stressed. So is Refinery29. (Refinery29)

– Dr Phil is interesting Dina Lohan, which makes me think the world might be about to EXPLODE. (Lainey)

– These Vampire Diaries promo shots make me happy. COME BACK NOW, VAMPIRE DIARIES. (Socialite Life)

– Wonder what happened to Michael K Williams? New York  found out. (New York Vulture)

J Crew’s Gayle Spannaus is kind of my fashion icon. I know that word is overused. But seriously, the J Crew catalog is the only one I still read like a magazine. I also give them all my money. Like…all of it. (The Cut)