Hi everyone! First of all, for those of you who live in Austin or thereabouts, we’re delighted to note that we will be appearing with the delightful Megan McCafferty at Forever Fest on November 2nd. Come out and say “hey, y’all.” (I assume everyone in Austin is exactly like Tami Taylor, right? OMG DOES THIS MEAN I WILL MEET MY OWN COACH TAYLOR? If so, I will not be returning.) (That link, btw, goes to the event’s Kickstarter, but don’t fret: It’s all going to happen regardless of how the Kickstarter shakes out, that just happens to be the site with the greatest amount of information about said event.)

– This might be my favorite headline of the week: Jimmy Kimmel Made a Ken Burns-Style Version of the Miley Doc. No disrespect to Ben Affleck. (Jezebel)

– Actually, scratch that. This might be the headline I love the most: How a Screenprinting Nun Changed the Course of Modern Art. Bonus points for the fact that this is a really interesting and inspiring story. (Gizmodo)

– I know you guys. And I know you really want to read this tremendously interesting and really good profile of our boy Dan Radcliffe. Seriously. (New York Times)

– Speaking of actors I like, here’s a Valentine to the thoughtfulness of Joseph Gordon Levitt. (Pajiba)

– How can you resist a story about the beauty product beloved by actresses in new TV shows that begins, “The Canadian actress may have to endure a fatal curse in this Pretty Little Liars spinoff, but….” That just delighted me. (Byrdie)

– Speaking of actresses, new TV, and beauty products, I love Into The Gloss’s Top Shelf — where actresses, models, editors, etc spill all the details about their hair and beauty routines and whatnot. This week, they talk to Phoebe Tonkin and as much as I find her American accent to be the worst on TV (sorry, Phoebs), her Top Shelf is really good. (Into The Gloss)

Fashionista rounds up the nine most critically acclaimed shows of Paris Fashion Week. They said it right there in the headline! (Fashionista)

– And we definitely want to look at the 50 best shoes of this spring’s fashion week street style shots. SHOES! (The Cut)

Nicki Minaj and Zac Efron hooked up?! (Celebitchy)

– Every article about that wackjob who mailed ricin to Obama and then tried to frame an Elvis impersonator for it is better than the last. Someone talented, please make a movie about this. (GQ)

–Finally! More details about the Turkish re-boot of The O.C. (Vulture)

– Yes, I am following GOOP on Instagram. I’m not a robot! (Lainey Gossip)