I literally had to pause and think for several minutes about what day it is. And yes, it IS Friday. Thank god. BEHOLD:

– Vulture takes a comparative look at the career trajectories of K. Stew and J Law. (Vulture)

Collectors Weekly takes on Unsexy Halloween Costumes of the Past, and they are amazing. They seriously include paper bags over heads and children dressed up as cigarettes!!!!!!!  (CW)

Britney Spears wrote an actual Letter of Truth, but sadly she did not namecheck Timberlake or mention Cheetos, so it’s probably a fake. (People)

Can you master IKEA OR DEATH?, a game in which you are forced to choose if the umlat-infested word before you belongs to a death metal band or an Ikea product? I am TERRIBLE at it. (Ikea Or Death?)

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are dunzo. This is one celebrity union in which I had no emotional investment at all. (Celebitchy)

Beckham and Harper Seven are all adorable at an LA Kings game. I am powerless in the face of the cuteness. (Lainey)

– I love this stuff: Mental Floss put together an article about bizarre natural remedies of the 18th century. As much as I love a natural remedy, I will pass on “a gentle vomit” to cure my ague. (Mental Floss)

– Last week, we talked about the most popular girls names of the century. This week, the least popular baby names from 1880-1932. I don’t know. I think “Icy” is a great name for your cuddly new baby girl. (The Week)

– Something about this headline simply delights me: This 419-Million-Year-Old Fish Has the World’s Oldest Known Face. (Smithsonian)

– Speaking of awesome headlines: The Vampire Cleanse Is Real — & I Lived Through It. (Refinery29)

– I’m sure those of you who read Outlander (I gave up somewhere in the middle of book three) will be very interested to see the first shot of the Jamie in the STARZ adaptation.  I always imagined him a little more…. Young Damian Lewis. (Pajiba)

– The Daily Mail (I know; also, I should just rename it The Daily Mail I Know) takes a curious look back at the hair of NFL cheerleaders. (Daily Mail)