Emilia Fox here has been in a TON of stuff, including a TV movie of Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes, one of my VERY FAVORITE young adult books about Talented English People With Problems Back In The Day.

Emma Watson was in it! (As Pauline Fossil, the actress. Emilia plays Sylvia, the girls’ guardian, and I think you will understand when I say I cannot rest until I see this although I suspect it’s terrible.) Re-reading about this book on Wikipedia has also informed me that the Noel Streatfeild book Movie Shoes – about an English family that moves to Southern California after WWII to help their writer father with his writer’s block (which he really has because he accidentally stuck a child with his car) and where the (very cranky) daughter is discovered and becomes a movie star (sort of) was HIGHLY ABRIDGED in the United States and ergo I have not read it in its entirety and I ALSO will not rest until I read the entire thing. So I need to thank her for bringing this information into my life, even if she looks as if she’s been stuck INSIDE a terrible TV movie about England in the 30s SINCE the 30s.

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