Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Americans! Hope the next four days will be full of love and pie for you.

While I’ve got you here — The Heir Affair has been a Kindle deal for November, so you’re running out of time to nab it for $2.99 if you want it! I mention this in part because I always think of it and The Royal We as Thanksgiving books. (Which is not a thing I thought existed until we unintentionally wrote some.)

Also, if you’re getting your Christmas shopping started, we ran our gift guide earlier this month!

Amy Odell interviewed us for her wonderful newsletter, Back Row, this week and we had a great time talking to her about the red carpet (and books)!

Enough about us. What about this: Why Painstakingly Re-Create an 18th-Century Corset? Why Not? [Vogue]

This is so fascinating: ‘It was terrifying’: ancient book’s journey from Irish bog to museum treasure. They found a book in a bog! [Guardian]

This is really true: In ‘Succession,’ Food Exists Only to Create More Misery [Eater]

This is intriguing: Young Hollywood love isn’t running low as Jaden Smith and Phoebe Dynevor are seen at a Louis Vuitton event. (Jaden is 23, for those of you who have, like me, lost track of time.) [Lainey]

ALSO intriguing: Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers are reportedly spending less time together [Celebitchy]

This is fascinating and I’m so glad one of you sent this in! Inside the Making of the Britney Spears Musical [Washingtonian]

This is super interesting: The New York Times made a detailed quiz (for lack of a better word, it’s very complex) to answer the question Where Should You Live? (In America.) My top answer was….Los Angeles, California, so that’s good news for me! (My #2 was San Francisco, a city I love to visit! My first 200 or something matches were in California. The NYT obviously knows I meant it when I said I need a mild winter.)

Bless Keanu: Show business treasure, Keanu Reeves, is fun, loose, and relaxed in Esquire cover profile to promote The Matrix [Lainey]

In other magazine cover profile news, Jennifer Lawrence landed Vanity Fair as part of her return to doing movie publicity, and it’s a very interesting read about how her popular public image curdled into something some people decided they found annoying. You can see the retro-bombshell-flavor cover and a couple of the non-underpants-centric pictures from the shoot (which is rather high on the Lounging In Undies scale) on VF’s Instagram page. (Heather thinks she looks like Olivia Munn here, and I can see it.)

Really interesting and logistics-y: How ‘King Richard’ brought a controversial sports figure to the screen. With his family’s approval [LA Times]

This is fun: Great Outfits In Fashion History: Blake Lively’s Entire Press Tour For ‘a Simple Favor’ [Fashionista]

This is extremely moving: Andrew Garfield Is Lovely [Pajiba]

And this is such a great story: Underdog No More, a Deaf Football Team Takes California by Storm [NY Times]

Speaking of football, this thread in the college football subreddit really made me laugh: Say something nice about your rival. Some of them are like, “In fairness, their doctors did cure my brain tumor,” and then other ones are like, “they’ve really maintained the grass on their field well!”

I didn’t know a lot about this and it’s interesting: How The Bloody Hollywood Strike Of 1945 Forever Changed The Film Business [LAist]

This must have been so much work! Please give these writers a fruit basket or something! At The Cut: An Encyclopedia of Celebrity Beauty Brands: The ultimate guide to everything famous people have made for your face, hair, and body.

Time for this week’s big finish! Simone Biles, Lizzo, and Nikole Hannah-Jones each got an Essence cover for the magazine’s self-care issue, and Simone’s is SO great:


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What a stunner!

This blue eye make-up on Lizzo is funky and cool — and very editorial — although it took me a second to realize it was her, because I was reflecting on the life cycles of blue mascara and how I’ve now lived through two:


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Finally, definitely click through to see Pulitzer prize-winner Nikole Hannah-Jones’s gorgeous look. (If you are not familiar with The 1619 Project, that might be something to explore over your long weekend.) There is a cape!