This week was packed with shenanigans! Thanks for enjoying all the Met Gala goodness with us. While you wait to be able to start your weekend:

– This week’s WHO WORE IT BEST pits Katie “Joey Potter” Holmes vs. Belle “I Love a Good Library Ladder” of Beauty and the Beast. (Vanity Fair)

– Also, in case you missed our Met Gala round-up for The Cut, it is HERE.

–Per Pajiba, ‘Justified’s’ Jacob Pitts Has the Best Harrison Ford Story Ever. (Pajiba)

– This interview with the founder and president of Essie nail polish is FULL of tidbits for lovers of a good mani. (Elle)

– This headline is the best: Life Advice From the Oldest Man in the World, a 111-Year-Old Occult Scholar on the Upper West Side. (NY Mag)

– This is awesome: Here’s What a Map to the Stars’ Homes Looked Like in 1937 (Curbed LA)

Town and Country has ten “timeless celebrity wedding shots” and many of them really are pretty swoony. Bianca Jagger’s hat! Audrey Hepburn’s dress! (And It’s T&C, so of course it’s 20% Kennedys.) (Town and Country)

Vulture talks to seven actors about pilot season and it’s really interesting. “What’s it like to do a pilot test? It’s like meeting a girl at a bar, getting wasted, going home, and sleeping with her. A test is sort of the next morning afterward, where the lights come on and you awkwardly collect your clothes and you knock a bottle of wine over and fumble for the door.” (Vulture)

– Ahem: Bazaar Reviews: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty. The opening line? “So, Joan Collins has a make-up line. And it’s really, really good.” (Harper’s Bazaar UK)

– Also: Jason Priestley Dishes on Shannen Doherty’s Demands, Brad Pitt’s Secret Girlfriend and Chanting ‘Donna Martin Masturbates’. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– ALSO also,  Previously.TV takes the Priestley tome and pits it against books from Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. (Previously.TV)

– Elizabeth Olsen looks SO MUCH CUTER here than she did at the Met Gala. (Lainey)

– You’ll be interested in this: Peter Lerangis on Ghostwriting the Baby-Sitter’s Club and the Future of YA Lit. He ALSO ghost-wrote Sweet Valley High! this is such a good read: “My first novel was a horse-themed book in the Sweet Valley Twins series. I didn’t know a thing about horses so I had to spend time lurking in the Claremont Stables in New York City, watching little girls ride and trying to ignore the baffled glares of their moms. The outlines for those books were like beat poems. The stories were little soap operas, and people liked them. ” (Airship Daily)

Can I interest you in a pineapple and chile beer cocktail? I can interest myself, that’s for sure. I LOVE a beer cocktail. (Good. Food. Stories.)

– Oh, god, this is SO GOOD: What Your Favorite Met Dresses Look Like As Art. (Refinery29)

– A Dubs and SJP talk the Men of the Met with Seth Meyers. (People StyleWatch)

– Oh! I meant to post this last week and forgot, and it’s great: the New York Times profiled stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who is so fab. (NYT)

– These photos of the Gala courtesy of Humans of New York are so neat. (Vogue)

– Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Mann are in a feud and I might be Team Jen for literally no reason. (Celebitchy)

– The Cut has a great slideshow of several of New York’s grandest grand dames (including Gloria Vanderbilt). (The Cut)