Friday! And not a moment too soon.

– Did you enter the SPOILED giveaway? You could win an autographed copy of our YA novel, along with three bottles of OPI nail polish!

– The (vaguely Royal Wedding-themed) doodle  that Heather and I did is up for auction (to benefit NF Inc) only through Sunday. Bid now! (eBay)

– I don’t want to give away too much about this McSweeney’s piece, other than to tell you that it is BRILLIANT and involves The Sound of Music. (McSweeney’s)

– Holy cow, Lainey’s got a leaked scene from Tranformers: DEAR GOD STOP MAKING TRANSFORMERS MOVIES, and she’s not wrong when she says that the New Megan Fox makes Actual Megan Fox look like Helen Mirren, but also: this clip makes Tranformers: DEAR GOD STOP MAKING TRANSFORMERS MOVIES look TERRIBLE. Which I am sure it is. Like, McDreamy is in it? If you say so. Although I appreciate them filming in the Milwaukee art museum. That place is awesome . (Lainey Gossip)

–  I’m sure that you secretly want more dirty and possibly untrue details about Arnold’s allegedly DOZENS of mistresses. I can help with that. (Celebitchy)

– You NEED to see this Wall of Gifs of Kirsten Dunst reacting — unfavorably — to Lars Trier sitting next to her and suddenly waxing poetic about the Nazis at Cannes. (FourFour)

I love this conversation about Network with Stephen Colbert. He’s so smart. I love him. (The New York Times)

– Get ready to read. The Atlantic has compiled almost 100 of the last year’s best pieces of non-fiction journalism. And WOW, some of them are SO GOOD, the kind of thing that I read as a writer and DESPAIR of ever doing something so interesting and well-crafted. (The Atlantic)

– Those of you who have already read Spoiled know how we feel about song titles with parentheticals. Bless The Awl for compiling a list of 169 of them. (The Awl)

– Janice Dickinson’s teeth fell out in the Hamptons and she reacted with exactly the calm grace and low-key style you would expect. (The Styleite)

– I love this: the Tragic Heroine Throwdown! It’s like Fug Madness, but with WAY more consumption. (Oregon Ballet Theatre)

– How could I NOT send you to something called The Cosby Sweater Project? (The Cosby Sweater Project)