So, yes: Beyonce did, in fact, perform wearing a visible nude thing, nude fishnets, some sort of brassiere, and Cleopatra’s lingerie from when she and Marc Antony used to play war games in the boudoir (you know, Plunder the Pharaoh, and Pillage My Pelvic Village — all the classics). Frankly, it wouldn’t be Beyonce if she weren’t storming back into the public eye wearing as little as possible, and yes, game, set, and match, Beyonce, your body is still kick-ass, even if you ARE wearing a loin-sling with the beard wisps of every member of ZZ Top.

But haven’t you always wondered what’s really going through a performer’s mind while wiggling around on-stage in a B-movie battle harness? I have, too. Fortunately, after the Rapture, I became telepathic.