Obviously, we’re all on HIGH ALERT for Prince Harry Shenanigan Stories this weekend (and discussing The Break-Up, and any number of royals-related items in this week’s Royals Round-Up), but while you wait:

– This week’s WHO WORE IT BEST pits Martha Stewart’s gold capri pants against those of JOE MONTANA. (Vanity Fair)

– This is amazing. Hat tip to Doree Shafrir’s Twitter for this, perhaps the best obit I’ve read in years. A taste, with the opening paragraph: “Walter R. Walsh, a world-class marksman who shot clothespins off laundry lines as a boy and went on to become an F.B.I. legend in shootouts with gangsters in the 1930s, an Olympic competitor and a trainer of generations of Marine Corps sharpshooters, died on Tuesday at his home in Arlington, Va. He was 106.”  It it beautifully written, and thrilling and also very sad.  It’s a hell of a read. (NY Times)

– You are going to love this: 20 Curious Victorian Words and Sayings. Some of these are so good and we need to bring them back. For example, “PODSNAPPERY: This term describes a person with a ‘wilful determination to ignore the objectionable or inconvenient, at the same time assuming airs of superior virtue and noble resignation.'” (Smitten by Britain.)

- Sooooo, we should probably discuss the Clooney engagement, yes? (Although we have talked about it on Twitter.) Good for George for realizing his bride-to-be is a major catch: extraordinarily accomplished and smart. We are proud, and if we’re not invited to the wedding, we will be ENRAGED. People, of course, has a shot of the ring. It’s HUGE. (People)

– And the AstroTwins — who write my favorite astrology site — have a very fun piece about how Intern George’s betrothal was written in the stars. (AstroStyle)

– Pajiba has helpfully put together a Summer 2014 Blockbuster Survival Guide. (Pajiba)

– Speaking of, Vulture is really doing the Lord’s work here: Summer Movie Preview 2014: Before and After Pictures of Actors Who Got Superhero Buff. (Vulture)

– Forever Young Adult put together what they’re calling the Ultimate YA Checklist. (Forever Young Adult)

– Sure, this week was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, but so was it the 10th anniversary of Debbie Downer. WAH WAAAAH. (The Wire)

– Speaking of that, Alyssa Rosenberg at the Washington Post argues that Ms. Norbury is the REAL hero of Mean Girls, and I am inclined to agree. (Washington Post)

– Yikes. Dolce and Gabbana are going to jail for tax evasion. Pay your taxes, people.(People StyleWatch)

Allure’s red carpet reporter on the trials of having to track down a white tie for Monday’s Met Ball. (Allure)

– Yes, did we mention the Met Gala is Monday? It celebrates Charles James — oh, the ladylike dresses! Be still my heart — and Vogue points out, some of the frocks in question are crazy heavy. Like, as heavy as five baby French bulldogs. (Vogue)

– Sadly, Ladies Home Journal is no more. The Cut salutes its glamorous early years. (The Cut)

– Ooh, the V&A has what looks like an amazing wedding dress collection on display now. People in London, go and report back to us! (The Guardian)

– Surely you are interested in seeing a picture of Grace Jones hanging out with Chris Evans. (Lainey)

– Or Benedict Cumberbatch in his reading glasses. (It’s your weekly Cumberlink, to quote my friend Marissa). (Celebitchy)

– Or Posh Spice celebrating her birthday with Baby Spice. (Hello!)

– Let’s relive some of Kirsten Dunst’s stylish movie moments. I miss you, Kiki. Please make a giant movie so you can make the rounds again. (Who What Wear)