Have a great weekend, y’all! And while you’re waiting for it to start:

– This week marks the 15th anniversary of the Seinfeld finale. Vulture celebrates with a round-up of all of Kramer’s jobs. (Vulture)

– Also: Mental Floss asks you to match Seinfeld’s famous guest stars to the character they played. 90%! I am ashamed it wasn’t 100%. (Mental Floss)

– Did you enjoy the original Television Without Pity? (We sure did; it’s the entire reason Heather and I met, as we were coworkers there waaaaaay back in the good old days.) The brilliant minds behind TWoP: Original Flavor have a new site called Previously.TV and you should read it. (Previously.TV)

–YES. EW has complied ALL of Stefon’s Hottest Clubs in New York. DON’T LEAVE ME STEFON. (EW)

– The Diddy Joins Downton Abbey thing IS pretty funny. “I KNEW you could walk!” (Refinery29)

– David Beckham retires. From professional soccer, but not from hotness. (Lainey)

– Speaking of, here’s Prince Harry playing polo on the last day of his US tour. (Celebitchy)

– Let’s look at sketches of floor plans from famous TV homes. (Paste)

– Vulture talks to Scandal’s Bellamy Young and she is a delight. (Vulture)

NPR has gotten into bee-keeping. (Washington City Paper)

– I desperately want one of you to buy and wear this cat bikini. (Cosmo)

This is awesome: Authors’ handwritten outlines for their work. You think Rowling’s grid for Order of the Phoenix is impressive — which it is — wait until you see the one for Catch-22. (Flavorwire)

Take a looksee at Sterling Cooper’s ad portfolio. It’s not as good as you want it to be. (Business Insider)

– I think you’ll enjoy Etymological Origins of Words Related to Insults. (The Hairpin)

– Apparently, Taco Bell’s Waffle Tacos are not catching on as well as their Doritos Tacos. To which I say: duh. And yet I still kind of want one. (Time)

– Finally, the Annual Doodle Day auction — where celebs draw, and we buy, and the benefits go to the NF Network, a charity providing support for those affected by Neurofibromatosis via advocacy, education and coalitions, as well as supporting research for treatments and a cure — is up and running! It’s a great cause, and we urge you to check it out! (eBay)