Happy Friday, everyone! Please enjoy the following as you wait to be released from work. It involves the Matthews drinking wine and chortling:

– I was really sad to read today that The Toast is shuttering on July 1st. Getting to write If Prince Harry Were Your Boyfriend for them was one of my favorite freelance assignments, and, in addition to finding their content funny and smart and weird in the best ways, I felt a kinship with them, because there aren’t very many independent, small-press-style blogs run by women who just…write whatever they want. I also always really appreciated Nicole Cliffe’s great transparency about the financial realities of the gig on Twitter — she always banged the drum that ad blockers were eventually going to kill them (and, possibly, all of us), and that’s not always a popular truth to unfurl. I wish everyone there the very best and look forward to seeing what projects they do next. I will miss that site. (We also wrote a post for them about our writing process, which I often forward to people when they have questions.)

– As a programming note, the Eurovision finale is this weekend, and we will certainly be covering it this year! I’m not 100% sure when, because our Official Eurovision Correspondent Heather is off on a much-deserved vacation, but we will get to it.

– I think you’re going to enjoy, at The New York Times, a look at #StarringJohnCho. I wholly and unequivocally agree that Hollywood needs, like, A LOT more John Cho. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

– At Vanity Fair: Why the Enduring Fascination with the Mitford Sisters Won’t Die

– This Ta-Nehisi Coates essay – called “On Homecoming” — at The Atlantic is, unsurprisingly, extremely good.

– My friend Marissa wrote this very affecting essay about her friendship with a younger woman, on the Washington Post

– Apartment Therapy takes us on a trip to the White House Bedroom Through the Years

– I really enjoyed this Paper interview with Spencer Pratt. YES, SERIOUSLY.

Tom Verducci’s profile of Vin Scully — the legend who narrated every summer of my life — is so, so so good, at Sports Illustrated.

–This interview with Olivier Rousteing of Balmain is interesting. To wit: “He admitted that among his 3.1 million followers on Instagram there are some haters, but ultimately the naysayers don’t faze him. ‘It doesn’t mean that I’m not a good designer, because if your clothes are bad, you don’t sell.'” I don’t know if I agree with that thesis.

– This article about the life of Broadway understudies is so interesting. (Broadway World)

– At Lainey, Bomer and Gosling together. HOTNESS ALERT!

Robin Givhan’s piece on Bill Clinton’s wardrobe — yes, Bill’s — is great. I have such a writerly crush on her.

– At Collectors Weekly: Railway Paradise: How a Fine-Dining Empire Made the Southwest Palatable to Outsiders

– If you haven’t read this yet, you should. At The Guardian: The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies.

– At the NYT, you will want to read this profile of Leslie Odom Jr, if you are a fan of Hamilton. And maybe even if not.

– Over at Celebitchy, apparently Tyga and Kylie Jenner have broken up and it’s “acrimonious.” LOVE IS DEAD!

– I always enjoy this feature at Pajiba: A Serious Discussion About Which Of The Avengers Is Best In Bed, Part 2

– Over at The New Potato, I love Martha Plimpton forever. An excerpt: “Q: How do you practice beauty from the inside out? A: That’s funny.”

And in case you missed it, some highlights from this week on GFY: