A gentle reminder: you can read the first seven chapters of our forthcoming novel, The Royal We, for FREE! (It comes out in just about a month; I can’t believe it.) And if you’re in the US and interested in winning a galley version of the book, Goodreads is giving away 15 of them — the contest ends on Monday.

And now…please enjoy the following:

– Speaking of books, W has a preview of Robin Givhan’s upcoming book, The Battle of Versailles. I can’t wait to read the whole thing; I love the way she writes.

– Per the NYT, spray deodorant is BACK! (I am actually delighted by this, because I bought some Dove spray-on when we were in London and IT WAS AWESOME and I was really sad when it ran out. Let’s just talk about deodorant, you guys.)

– Fashion Spot has put together a guide to the history of Anna Wintour’s assistants.

– Let’s eyeball the ten most expensive hotel suites in the world. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– And these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL libraries. (The Independent)

– This is a great interview at Heroes and Heartbreakers from an author of historical romance novels about..well, let me just give you the headline: Keeping “It” Clean: Hygiene, Hot Sex, and the Historical Romance Novel

– Gawker has a tell-all about what it was like to work at The Daily Mail (I Know). It’s not particularly complimentary. I know, this is shocking to you.

– Did we know that Amber Rose is writing a tell-all? I will read this.  (On the Books)

– I love this history of restaurant matches. (Eater)

– And this look back at some of Madonna’s more iconic tour ensembles. (Bustle)

– Over at Lainey, Denzel and Lenny Kravitz got dinner together this week, and Lenny is wearing sunglasses at night, and yet somehow my reaction is not, “it’s got to be so dark for him! How is he not walking into trees?!” but rather, “jeez, Lenny looks good.”

– So sue me. I like the new Carly Rae Jepson single. (Paper)

– Hee. Ranking the 21 Worst Movie Haircuts of the 21st Century. (Pajiba)

Cousin Matthew has been cast as The Beast in the new Beauty and the Beast (opposite Emma Watson) and I AM IN. (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of Downton, I have loads that will be of interest. First, the New York Times put together an interactive look at how actual historical events fit into the series to date. Also at the NYT is an interview with Julian Fellowes in which he doesn’t seem to realize that he IS writing a soap opera; and a wonderful piece about the show’s food stylists.

– Also on the Downton tip, Hypeable had a great chat with Matt Barber, AKA Atticus Aldridge.

– WHAT. Is this the worst purse of Paris Fashion Week? I think maybe yes. (Elle)