FUG MADNESS CONTINUES! Thanks for all the awesome comments and good fun we’ve been having this week as we march ever closer to picking a champion. Don’t forget to vote! And after you do….enjoy these:

– Remember in elementary school when the Scholastic book flyers would come? And you would sit around and think about all the books you wanted to order? And then you’d go home and talk your mom into buying you a few? That was the BEST. Indulge a little nostalgia and take a look at this collection of elementary school book club order forms.  Of the books featured in these, I TOTALLY had The Dollhouse Murders and Beezus and Ramona. I did not have any of the many, many, many books about Michael Jackson, but my friend Jackie did.  (Urlesque)

– I can’t believe Scholastic wasn’t trying to sell little kids this Dynasty book. It has play-by-play photos of catfights! (Awful Library Books)

– Everyone pour a glass of wine for the Lifetime William and Kate movie. If you think we won’t be covering that, you don’t know us at all. (The Hairpin)

– Methinks James Franco really needs a vacation.  Just lie down with a mai tai and stop talking for a little bit, James. To anyone. It will be restorative! (Lainey)

– Elizabeth Taylor insisted that her funeral start fifteen minutes after the scheduled time, because she wanted to be late even to her own funeral. That is basically genius. We’ll miss you, Elizabeth. And it goes without saying that if you haven’t read Furious Love, the book about her relationship with Richard Burton, that came out last summer, you MUST. It is so good.  (Vulture)

– Also: did you know the man who wrote Taylor’s obit for the New York Times has been dead himself for six years? (LA Times)

– Wil Wheaton’s blog post about his reunion with his Stand By Me castmates for the film’s 25th anniversary (yes, we’re old) is incredibly poignant. I may, in fact, have cried a little bit when I read it. (Wil Wheaton)

Thank god someone else has noticed how terrible those ads for The Voice are. I can’t take a huge image of Xtina rolling around, taking up half the screen, during Parks and Rec. YOU’RE BLOCKING CHRIS PRATT. (Celebitchy)

– This infographic about salad bars is awesome. I love a good infographic. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of eating, the New York Times is inviting commentary about people’s favorite college sandwich. Mine was from a shack on Gayley in Westwood that was officially called Subby’s Roll-In, but EVERYONE called it Buck Fifty, because the sandwiches cost, yes, $1.50. I preferred the chicken kebob sandwich, but the pastrami was also divine. Buck Fifty got torn down a couple of years ago and I’ve never gotten over it. (New York Times)

Lindsay Lohan is dropping her last name. Like Cher. And Prince. And Madonna. Allow me be the 12,034th to say: I’M SO SURE. (PopEater)

– A fascinating look at the history of the shirtwaist dress on the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Fire.  I have one (sleeveless) that I wear all the time in summer. (NY Times)

– And, finally, you obviously want to read this article about Francine Pascal and SVH. (Daily Beast)