Are Mary-Kate and Ashley — or, Ashley and Mary-Kate, as they are here positioned — contractually obligated to stand as if their pelvises are magnetized? If they were in more of a convex configuration, I’d suggest maybe they’re trying to logo-ize themselves, but this groin-y concave position isn’t doing much except make things creepy up in here. Well, actually, I can’t entirely blame their bodies: Mary-Kate has on her Scheme Face, while Ashley looks like she’s appearing in a hostage video, trying to say everything without actually saying a word. Is the fur really the boss of her, or is MK somehow blackmailing her? Ooh, I like that idea. Twins who blackmail each other. Maybe if All My Children would get on that, the show wouldn’t be in danger of cancellation.

But since this is about the clothes, let’s take a closer look at that part. You’ll want to scope out that thing draped over MK. It’s… vexing.