YAY FRIDAY! Here’s some stuff to read:

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I am INTO THIS at Racked: The Reason J. Peterman Catalogs Use Art Instead of Photographs

Pajiba asks, How Many Episodes Should You Give A Show To Win You Over?

IMPORTANT WORK at Extra Crispy: I Tried 10 Pre-Mixed Cocktails and Here’s the Best One. “After my first sip of Censored on the Beach, I clutched my throat like a silent-movie heroine, then immediately screwed the cap back on the bottle and set it down on the far corner of the desk, as though it would harm me. The first hit on the tongue is reminiscent of Kool-Aid, but then it turns into something like Robitussin with more sugar. Being a professional, I did my best to drink more, but I eventually gave up and dumped the rest in the sink. I’ll drink for you, reader, but I won’t projectile vomit for you.”

At Lainey: I am rolling my eyes SO HARD at Ben Affleck’s back tattoo and all the poetry Matt Damon is spinning about it.

This is a great piece, at Vanity Fair: Lena Waithe Is Changing the Game

Continuing my Loyola-Chicago obsession: A Day in the Life of Sister Jean, Media Darling.  [New York Times]

Also at the NYT, this is exciting: Bill Cunningham Left Behind a Secret Memoir.

At The New Yorker: The Strange, Uplifting Tale of “Joy of Cooking” Versus the Food Scientist

At Celebitchy: Chris Evans and Jenny Slate have broken up again. I’VE GOT A SHOT!

At Revelist: this woman created something called “garden brows.” Yes, it’s fake grass.