Thanks for making this such a great Oscars week, Fug Nation! Don’t forget to vote in our Best/Worst poll — it’s FOR SCIENCE (not really).

– We also celebrated our 10,000th post (!) and revealed the cover of our new book, MESSY.

– Have you been to any of these 20 AMAZING hotel rooms? (Flavorwire)

This story, about the Oscars after-parties, is so interesting. (The Guardian)

– As we head into the finale of The Bachelor, we would be remiss not to advise you to read Mark Lisanti’s brilliant coverage of this season on Grantland. (Grantland)

Is Gwyneth EVER going to stop making us listen to her sing? WE GET IT. (Lainey)

– You need a Downton-themed rap on your playlist, don’t you? You do. (Adam Warrock)

– HOLY COW. Austria’s McDonald’s is selling A DEEP FRIED MCRIB. One of you go get one and eat it and report back. GO NOW. IT’S LIMITED TIME ONLY. (Time)

– The Smithsonian names the US’s 20 best food trucks. (Smithsonian)

– Also, the world’s best Manhole Covers (not a euphemism). (The Atlantic)

– Meryl Streep and Eyeglasses: An On-Screen Love Story. (Vulture)

– This is surely untrue, but the rumor that Zac Efron did The Condom Drop on the red carpet to lure NICOLE KIDMAN into his snare is awesome to me. I love Nicole and Keith, but this is just amusing. (Celebitchy)