Happy Madness! Hope your March Madness is going well, and, as ever, don’t forget to vote for your Fug Madness brackets!

– First and most importantly: The Matthews are SO CUTE in their Wine Show. You wouldn’t think it would be that cute to see Matthew Goode open a bottle of wine, but it is. (Also, this is a great reminder of how GOOD Rhys’s American accent is.)

– This amused me. Pajiba has a whole post that’s just pics of actors with and without beards. It’s called BEARD OR NO BEARD.

– I feel like…you need to see this, obviously: Watch Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Sort the Founding Fathers into Hogwarts Houses. Emma is FANTASTICALLY Hermione-y about this. (Playbill)

–On that tip, at EW: 10 historical facts that didn’t make it into Hamilton

– I literally laughed out loud at this headline on Lainey: Everyone looks bored in X-Men: Apocalypse

– Also at Lainey, I want to figure out this Blind Item, you guys.

– Look at all this fab bathroom tile! (SF Girl By Bay)

– The New York Daily News put together a whole piece about famous guest stars on Murder She Wrote, bless them.

– At Mental Floss, here’s the best scientific image of the year! (It’s ebola. Sincerely.)

– At Vulture: The Miracle of Hair on The People v. O.J. Simpson: Brow Toupees, Bad Beard Trims, and ‘the World’s Tiniest Wig’

– Over at Celebitchy, this short list for the Young Han Solo project sort of makes me want to jump off a cliff.  Not because any of them seem so terrible, but just because…the very concept of a non-Harrison Ford Han Solo bums me out.

– At the New York Times,‘Valley of the Dolls,’ Pitched to a New Generation

– At Design*Sponge, What’s In Your Toolbox?

– At Atlas Obscura: Found: Two Secret Rooms in King Tut’s Tomb. !!!!!!

– This dude lives in a plane. (A retired one. Not in the air.) That sounds like hideous torment to me.

– This week’s recipe is thanks to Good. Food. Stories: Tomato-Vanilla Jam. Just trust Casey.

– And here at GFY,