I decided yesterday that Kate skipped handing out shamrocks on St Patrick’s Day because she knew I didn’t have time to deal with that, in the middle of Fug Madness, my OJ recap, and this very Royals Round-Up (which, believe it or not, TAKES ME FOREVER). THANKS, KATE! (My actual theory is that there was a party at George’s nursery at the same time, and she decided to attend that instead, but didn’t want to announce this and essentially ask the paps to camp out in front of his school, looking for snaps. But that’s not nearly as personally self-serving.) All that aside, we have LOADS to cover today, and we had lots happening this week. In case you missed it:

Kate and William and Harry all left the house on Monday, and Kate went FULL MAXIMA on us, hat-wise. We’ve got LOTS of extras from that event in this slideshow as well (you know how photos always come in after I’ve published the piece; the ones this week are extra good).

Also in today’s slideshow, we’ve got a new Kate event from this morning; Princess Anne: Secret Detective looking very secretly detective-y; Zara Phillips looking surprisingly great; Chaz and Cams drinking, as usual; actual lions; Harry looking very appealing with his shirt sleeves rolled up (actually, this particular week brought a surprising LOT of Harry); snacks; interesting old buildings;  random royals getting engaged!; a Wikipedia Deep Dive AND MORE.


– There was a big, fancy bash in Denmark this week, and our friends at Order of Splendor have MANY photos for you to admire.

– Over at The Court Jeweller, a fun look at Princess Margaret’s jewels.

–The Duchess Diary runs down the best grey looks from Kate (we are quoted). Kate wore way more grey than I remembered. Some of those I quite liked, but they’d just fallen out of my brain.

Hello! has put together a slideshow of all the times (they feel like) Kate has paid tribute to Diana.

– The Palace has denied this Page Six report that Harry was going to be attending Yale Law School (????!?!?!!?) but it was fun while it lasted. (MY theory is that he was considering doing, say, a summer program at Yale, to learn and grow, but ACTUAL Yale Law school is bonkers for a lot of reasons, like how Harry has literally no need for an American law degree and also how he famously hated school.)

– Speaking of Harry, this interview with my beloved Robin Roberts is quite lovely (and funny, and warm). You can play it right here:

– There is a new portrait of Princess Estelle; she remains extremely cute. (People)

– Aw, look at the Twins of Monaco!