First and foremost, our thoughts go out to anyone in Fug Nation who is currently affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Please be safe out there! From what I can tell at this moment, the easiest way to donate to relief efforts is by texting the American Red Cross:  if you text REDCROSS to 90999, it’s a $10 donation.  I’m sure as the next few weeks unfurl, we’ll all get more information about the best way to provide any help that is needed. And now, for more cheerful news:

–  Let’s revisit Cruel Intentions, no matter how briefly. God, the movie really does rule. I think of it every time I hear “Bittersweet Symphony,” which includes the wedding I attended at which it was used as the recessional. And by “attended,” I mean, it happened literally right outside my hotel room one summer in Laguna while I was sitting on my balcony drinking a beer and reading a book about zombies. (The Gloss)

– You probably need these nail decals for the Royal Wedding. Kate and Wills LITERALLY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! (The Hairpin)

– This will make you feel better. Did you know that NSYNC once covered “That Thing You Do”? Did you know there’s video? Did you even remember the one with the hair like a pineapple existed? The answer to all of these questions is: watch this video because of AWESOME. (Monkey See)

– Speaking of Timberlake, as we suspected might be happening around Oscar time, he and Biel are DUNZO. Lainey has the dish. (Lainey Gossip)

This piece on Rachel Zoe is an excellent read; this one, one ranking Hollywood’s most powerful stylists, gives us ammo about who to blame (and praise) for all the red carpet shenanigans we deal with daily. Jen Rade, can’t you do something with Jenna Fisher? She deserves the best. (THR/Fashionista)

– Shall we revisit the awesomeness of Clarissa Explains It All? Can we talk about the HAT she’s wearing in the art that accompanies this story? The answer to both is: yes. (The AV Club)

– I can’t even deal with this ScarJo/Sean Penn thing, but this headline is hilarious. (Celebitchy)

– Sassy Gay Friend is BACK. And he’s dealing with Nina from Black Swan, who seriously NEEDS a Sassy Gay Friend. (SPOILERS for Black Swan, btw). (Refinery29)

– If you haven’t yet read this essay on why Katniss Everdeen is basically an awesome badass — you should. (The Atlantic)

– Finally, are you Canadian? Are you interested in winning an advance copy of the YA book we wrote, SPOILED? Well, Chapters/Indigo is giving away FIVE COPIES. Full rules and regs can be found in their very kind review, which called Spoiled, among other things, “a hilarious vacation in La La Land,” and a “great summer title.” YAY! Now, go out there and win yourself a copy, Canada! (The contest ends tomorrow at noon, EST, so  better get on it!) (Indigo Blog)