First of all! Our contest to win an awesome prize pack (containing signed copies of our new book MESSY, the brand new paperback of SPOILED, and some fun swag) is open through SUNDAY NIGHT at 9pm! The entries so far are awesome — and so will yours be! So enter, if you haven’t already.

We are making plans to come out and sign and read MESSY, so please come see us if we’re going to be in your city! So far, here’s the itinerary:

PLEASE come say hello and get your book signed and hang out with us in your city. We can’t wait to meet you.

– In other MESSY news, our friends at Seventeen are ALSO giving away copies of MESSY if you sign up for a trial subscription, so pop over there, read our piece about the MTV Movie Awards, and enter to win!

We wrote about MESSY for the awesome John Scalzi’s Big Idea series, too!

AND NOW: The rest of Fugs and Pieces:

– Only Cate Blanchett can look so freaking glam getting off a plane in a plaid suit with COMPLETELY neglected hair. Somehow it all works. (Celebitchy)

– This is a great slideshow about America’s 11 most endangered places. I almost had a panic attack when I read, “Princeton Battlefield, the site of a historic battle that was pivotal in changing the tide of the American Revolution, is threatened by a proposed housing development.” (Time)

Rumor has it that Prince Harry is looking to hook it up with Cheryl Cole. OH HARRY. Actually, I would find that hilarious, so carry on. (Lainey)

– Speaking of the royals, you want to read about THE HATS OF QUEEN ELIZABETH.  So many turbans! (Vanity Fair)

– TRAGEDY: Nolan Miller, the Dynasty costumer, has died. This obit is amazing — he used to live at Spelling manor until he and Candy had a fight over a dress, he met Joan Crawford (whom he also dressed) when he was sent by a florist to trim her Christmas tree, he complained once that nobody buys dresses anymore (“Stanwyck never borrowed a dress in her life”)… it is an obit worthy of the show he gave such an indelible look. Our Twitter wallpaper is proud to immortalize his work. (NY Times)

A beginning bee-keepers tale. I would totally keep bees if I lived in a place that had a place for me to keep them that wasn’t in my bathtub. (Good. Food. Stories)

Lagerfeld’s CAT has its own iPad. OBVIOUSLY. (Vanity Fair)

– Alyssa over at Think Progress is reading Top of the Rock (which is an oral history about Must See TV on NBC, and is on my reading list), and she compiled a list of things net execs fear. The list is pretty hilarious. It also reminds me of the time I was working on a show (for ABC) and we couldn’t use the word “asshole,” so we had a long convo about which was funnier: “BLEEPhole,” or “assBLEEP.” (Think Progress)

Flavorwire runs down this TV season’s 10 craziest deaths. I think this goes without saying, but: SPOILERS. If you are not caught up with anything, or you are saving up to watch a variety of pay and basic cables series all in one Netflix-y go, then DON’T READ IT. DON’T. DO NOT. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of TV, if you watch New Girl, you will enjoy Schmidt’s open letter to three hand-selected fictional ladies. I can’t wait until he pops up on Games of Thrones as Khaleesi’s new boy toy. (Variety)

Joey Lawrence on becoming a Chippendale’s dancer. (My theory is that Chippendale’s is trying to become the Pussycat Dolls of Dudes.) Insert “WHOA” joke here. (Daily Beast)

The delightful crew at Elle gave me and Heather their 10 Questions. My mother called after reading it and said, “I had no idea you had so much fun on that vacation!” It’s true. I love  a hotel gift shop. (Elle)