I like this better than the wallpaper she wore to the CFDAs. Which itself I didn’t HATE; I just thought it was a lot. SO MUCH. With the shoes and the high neck and the prim hair and the bow and the… well. Anyway. I already wrote that post. Let’s write this one:

She looks young, and fresh, and nothing is choking her… stronger makeup either on her eyes or her lip might have been cool, but it’s not mandatory. In all it’s a great look that’s exactly appropriate for the age line she’s so beautifully straddling, and it’s helping her shine rather than demanding that she shine through it. I legitimately have nothing snarky to say. Has this ever happened? Will this date live in infamy?

I’ve heard several accounts that she and her sister Elle are both lovely people who do/did very well in school, which is very impressive considering they have had to achieve that in between acting like are aliens are blowing up the world. I’m pretty sure if that were my life, I’d be blowing off my history reading, so thank God they are not me. Big ups on your smarts, ladies, and thanks for being so poised. A few more of you and maybe, just maybe, Young Hollywood will be inspired to avoid Lohan Syndrome for good.

[Photo: Getty]