Happy weekend, Fug Nation! Hope it’s relaxing and full of delicious, poolside drinks. Let me help you find something to read:

Esquire has an interview with a man who survived the weekend’s terrible tragedy at Pulse in Orlando. It is a harrowing read, but I recommend it if you think your heart can take it.

– At the Washington Post, beautifully written, and moving: In praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club. For example: “People talk about liberation as if it’s some kind of permanent state, as if you get liberated and that’s it, you get some rights and that’s it, you get some acknowledgment and that’s it, happy now? But you’re going back down into the muck of it every day; this world constricts. You know what the opposite of Latin Night at the Queer Club is? Another Day in Straight White America. So when you walk into the club, if you’re lucky, it feels expansive. ‘Safe space’ is a cliche, overused and exhausted in our discourse, but the fact remains that a sense of safety transforms the body, transforms the spirit. So many of us walk through the world without it.”

– This is so interesting, and surprisingly beautiful, at Atlas Obscura: Behind the Scenes Photos of NYC’s Steinway Piano Factory

– Lainey, of course, has LOTS OF THOUGHTS about Swift-Hiddleston.

– So does The Atlantic, with Hiddleswift: Celebrity Romance as Fan Fiction

– If you watch UnReal — which is amazing; one of my favorite small things that it captures about working in reality TV (which I have) is how shitty everyone starts to look at the office X weeks into the show. I have never looked more hideous in public than I did five weeks into working on For Love Or Money 4 – you will want to read this New Yorker piece about UnReal.

– Obviously, at Collectors’ Weekly: The Polyamorous Christian Socialist Utopia That Made Silverware for Proper Americans

– At The Toast: If Oscar Isaac Were Your Boyfriend. I will miss that series very much when The Toast shutters on the 1st.

– Over at Celebitchy, we learn that Sean Penn wanted to name his son “Steak,” but Robin put her foot down.

– I LOVE pieces like this one at the NYT: What David Sedaris Can’t Travel Without. Packing pieces are my fave.

– Related, at Into The Gloss: How To Travel Like a Jetsetter (Even When You’re Not)

– At Racked: A Lab-Grown Diamond Is Forever

– Pajiba wonders,  What Movie Is Going to Save the Summer Box Office?

– At Vulture: 11 Celebs on the Last Thing They Bought Online

– At Design*Sponge: SO MANY SANDWICHES.

– It’s SO HOT IN LOS ANGELES right now. I am totally going to make The Chic Site’s Sweet Tea Popsicles.

– And if you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights: