Behold the 12 best British ads for the Olympics. The second one — for the Paralympics — is particularly awesome, in all sense of the word. (Fast Company)

– You might need Greg Louganis’s Guide to Watching Diving at some point over the next two weeks. (Smithsonian)

– And you’re going to love this take on the 1948 London Olympics, from a woman who was there. And is currently a bit crotchety. In an awesome way. (The Awl)

David Beckham kissing a baby. Technically, his baby. (Lainey)

– What are your favorite fictional characters reading? Rory Gilmore is very well-read. (Flavorwire)

Let’s look at Madonna’s new shoe line. (Tom and Lorenzo)

– You DEFINITELY want to read this interview, which is solely about Larry Hagman’s majestic brows and how they, like Miley Cyrus, can not be tamed. (EW)

Vulture ranks the 100 most valuable movie stars — this feature is really cool. (Vulture)

– Let’s look at some fascinating Olympics-themed street art. (Art Info)

Are Jason Segel and Michelle Williams engaged? I obviously have no idea, but I love them together. She seems so happy now, and he seems like a good dude. Bonus cute pictures of Segel chatting up Matilda. (Celebitchy)


– I don’t want to alarm you, but gorillas in Rwanda have started outsmarting poachers. Which, on one hand, is awesome — I am on the side of the animals here — but on the other hand probably means that eventually we will have gorilla overloads and that might get weird. (Time)

– I need to eat this Swedish Sandwich Cake. (HuffPo)

– Holy cow. The upcoming September issue of Vogue has 683 pages OF ADS. That is… a lot. Mazel tov, A Dubs, for keeping yourself afloat. (Fashionista)