What is happening on Demi Lovato’s head? … No, seriously. WHAT.

This type of thing generally only works if you are also prone to getting blotto because you mistook Marilla Cuthbert’s currant wine for cordial, accidentally baking rats into a pie that your beloved schoolteacher might eat, and changing everyone’s lives and melting their cold hearts as only a plucky redheaded orphan named Anne can (seriously, between Shirley and Mudge, why are all the plucky orphans also redheads named Anne?). Granted, her whole color palette seems off –the citrus-hued tan suggests she needs to send a lighting crew ahead to all her life locations, the better to prevent being a casualty to low-quality bathroom bulbs — but the chlorinated mildew coif had better just be a mishap. Cranial mold is not an acceptable style choice.

[Photo: Splash News]

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