These are some tight pants.

But, that’s not why we’re here. She has the body for them (although I don’t actually think they are doing her body any kindly favors); she’s erranding; whatever. No, we’re here to discuss the little bauble hanging around her neck. Shall we zoom?

So how do we feel about this? I know Carrie Bradshaw popularized wearing one’s own name as a pendant, but what about someone else’s? Specifically, that of your beau? (Because obviously wearing a “Hamm” or “Chenbot” necklace would be amazing and totally rational.) Maybe it’s sweet, and my charred heart needs to shake off its carbon dusting and beat cleanly again. But I keep thinking three things:

a) She bought it as a way of reminding everyone that YES, even though they’re rarely seen together and don’t like to talk about it and he made her hide it for a while, they ARE together and THIS WEDDING IS HAPPENING AND DID I MENTION I AM ENGAGED TO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE? WHY AREN’T YOU PEOPLE CALLING US ‘TIMBERBIEL’ or ‘BIELBERLAKE’ YET? DO YOU NOT CARE?;

b) Justin gave it to her, in which case it’s the height of narcissism (“Here, wear my name”);

c) Justin gave it to her as a preventative measure (“Here, wear my name, but for GOD’S SAKE not as a tattoo because that will make things super awkward and I can’t edit that to anything but “Sic Forever” or “Be Forever” and those are both way lamer than Wino”).

I’ve decided it’s (c). But what do you think? Do you sense a message here, or is it just a nice thing? Would you do it?

Would you wear a pendant with your significant other's name on it?

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