Happy Friday! This Sunday brings with it Hollywood’s most self-congratulatory awards show, The SAGS! We will be live-tweeting the red carpet, as always (no live-blog for this one). Until then:

– Enjoy Eyebrows Through The Ages. (The Fashion Spot)

–  I vote YES to ALL of this: Bletchley Park ‘girls’ break code of secrecy for book launch. I obviously shall read this book! (The Guardian)

– I love this: 13 Daily Prophet Listicles We Want to Read. “49 Times Gilderoy Lockhart Should’ve Taken One More Thing Off Before He Left the House.” I MEAN RIGHT? (B&N Teen Blog)

– And you will like this, at Vanity Fair: How Downton Abbey’s Fashions Changed as the Show Entered the 1920s (video).

– On that topic, here’s a behind-the-scenes article talking to the costumers for Wolf Hall, Broadchurch and Doctor Who. SO interesting. Also: I was thinking about recapping Wolf Hall once it starts running here in the US on PBS, if people are interested? Let me know in the comments. (The Independent)

– Hey! It’s Becks, in his undercrackers! (Elle)

- Hee. 10 Celebrities Dressed In Pizza, In Honor Of National Cheese Lovers Day. (Refinery29)

- To quote the intro to this post over at Lainey, “Here are new photos of Chris Evans walking around in a tight shirt. Enjoy.”

– Speaking of, have you read about Chris Evans and Chris Pratt’s Super Bowl bet? You should. (Nerdist)

– And speaking of the Super Bowl, this is cool, over at SI: Journalists who have covered every Super Bowl look back

– HOLA LOVERS! Jennifer Lopez Reflects On The 11 Movies That Have (For Better Or Worse) Defined Her Career. (Buzzfeed)

– This is really funny: All of my Issues With the “Goodnight Moon” Bedroom (The Ugly Volvo)

– From Book Riot, and this is awesome: Tolstoy’s Macaroni and Cheese and Other Recipes from Classic Authors

– I’m just going to cut and paste this right from our friends at Pajiba: “Watch the Super Weird Trailer for Tina Fey’s Netflix Sitcom, ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’”

– Do you want leggings covered in Benedict Cumberbatch’s face? YOU DO. (Jezebel)


– Heather and I talked to Yahoo Style about the question, Is There a Stylist Backlash on the Red Carpet?

InTouch has already got Intern George and Amal divorcing and I think that is a complete work of fiction. (Celebitchy)