FASHION WEEK BLIZZARD EXCITEMENT! While those of us on the East Coast wait to find out if we’ll still have toes on Valentine’s Day, ENJOY:

– Guess who we saw at BCBG? Some total random from Smash that NO ONE recognized” Poor thing. Alexa Lee Joel DID wax poetic about Justin Timberlake, though. She’s really cute. (The Cut)

– This is awesome: Threaded takes a look back at the Hypercolor t-shirt– and how they bankrupted Generra. (Smithsonian)

– A look at Grand Central Station on its 100th birthday. (NY Daily News)

You need to see Pacey and Diane Kruger at a soccer game. I love what a sports fan she is. (Celebitchy)

– Vulture took a truly interesting look at the politics of Hollywood parking spots. Harrison Ford insists on parking with the crew; Frankie Muniz is a douche. (Vulture)

– You’ve heard about CBS’s uptight new Grammy dress code, yes? Fashionista put together a sideshow of crazy past outfits that totally flout it. (Fashionista)

– Flavorwire put together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for your perusal. (Flavorwire)

– We NEED to talk about who should be cast as Young Han Solo in the new JJ Abrams Star Wars movie. (Lainey.)

– Barbie is selling her Malibu dreamhouse for a mere $25 million. (Refinery29)

– For your future karaoke reference: The lyrics to the hit song from The Rural Juror. (Vulture)

– The Guardian live-blogged the press conference where they announced that the skeleton found under a car park was, in fact, that of Richard III. (Guardian)

– Now they’re saying that Mary Ingalls was NOT blinded by scarlet fever, but in fact something else. My entire life is a lie. (The Cut)

Dolce & Gabbana have released a perfume for babies. SO MUCH HEADDESK. (Time)