It’s Fashion Week! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t rustled up some reading material for you. Can’t you tell that I’m in love with you?!? Behold:

– Is THIS why he never comes to work? George Clooney’s History of Pranking, thanks to Vulture. (Vulture)

– This is a fascinating interview answering the question, How is Nashville’s music chosen and written? (The AV Club)

– I generally always wish I could talk myself into a gig covering the Olympics. But after reading about the hotels situation in Sochi, uh, I’m okay staying home this go-round. (The Washington Post)

– I think all I need to do is present the title of this Pajiba piece: Movies That Messed Me Up: ‘Howard the Duck’ Taught Me About Tiny Condoms And Duck Breasts. (Pajiba)

– I know you’re going to want to read about some juicy Mean Girls gossip as we approach its tenth anniversary OH GOD I’M OLD. (Vulture)

The Daily Mail (I know) claims the Queen is directing a Kate Middleton makeover. I don’t know if I believe this — consider the source — but I say, LET KATE BE KATE. (Daily Mail)

– AND I know you’re interesting in reading the following: The Transformation of Lady Edith. A fashion transformation, not a transformation in her love life. THAT’S still a hot salty mess. (NYT)

– OMG. Cumberbatch with The Count. Look, I like Cumberbatch a lot, and he is CHARMING AS HELL in this, but I LOVE The Count. He might be my favorite, which makes sense due to how much I love capes, but is bizarre because I hate math. We’d have a really tumultuous relationship if I were a Muppet, is what I’m saying. (Lainey Gossip)

– Philip Seymour Hoffman’s very sad death this week prompted this quite interesting/disturbing piece in the New York Times about the recent surge in heroin use in the US, in part because it’s gotten harder for people to get prescription opiates. (NYT)

– Jeez, Bieber is OOC. Can’t someone accidentally lock him in a library for six weeks? (Sorry, librarians. You don’t have to be there for this.) (Celebitchy)