Super Bowl weekend! Hope you’re spending today loading in piles and piles of snacks. If not, distract yourself from thoughts of snacks with the following:

– The New Yorker has a thematically appropriate and fascinating read on the NFL’s concussion crisis. (The New Yorker)

– You need to watch this montage of the best pep talks in sports. If you’re me, you might cry. (Vulture)

– Speaking of snacks, I need to learn how to make these homemade Cheezits before Sunday. Because here’s the thing. I have a  Cheezits OBSESSION. Like, I am not allowed to buy them. Or I will eat the entire box in one sitting. But homemade ones…healthy, right? RIGHT? (Good. Food. Stories.)

– This is brilliant. A company in Great Britain has made COMMEMORATIVE ROYAL WEDDING CONDOMS. Whoever wrote the copy on the box deserves a raise, because it is hilarious. Not as hilarious: apparently, they’re not useful for preventing pregnancy or STDs which seems like a huge misstep in the condom-making process. (Styleite)

– Vanity Fair, by the way, has been doing an amazing job of covering the folderol and bits of gossip leading up to the Royal Wedding so far. (VF)

Here’s your weekly dose of Jon Hamm. ENJOY. (Celebitchy)

– I so need to read this Hilary Duff novel. I just love that it’s called ELIXIR. I hope it’s about POISONS. (Lainey)

This article — about a man in Canada who, more or less, cracked a code to determine whether or not a scratch-off Lotto ticket will be a winner — is seriously really fascinating: about criminals, the lotto, math, the randomness of the universe. It’s just a really, really good read. (Wired)

– I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but — weirdly — I really like the thematic gifts that start popping up for it right about now. For example, this poster is awesome. However, H and I will be at Fashion Week on Valentine’s Day, which means that SNOW WILL BE MY LOVER THIS YEAR. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of LOVERS, this is awesome: Vulture did a flowchart so you can find out which movie stalker is best suited to YOU. I got Matt Damon, in The Talented Mr Ripley, which is AWESOME because that means I get to wear that amazing blue coat that Gywnnie had in that movie. And not so awesome because of how he’s a serial killer. (Vulture)