First of all, I know that there are many members of Fug Nation who are MSU alumnae or who work there (or who may still be students there), and the news of the shooting there this week is just awful. Yet again, I am linking to Everytown For Gun Safety. I am so sad and so mad and so tired that we are living like this. It doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe one day, it won’t be.

Please pardon the tonal shift, as we move into regularly scheduled links.

I needed to read this, because I was asking the same question: What Is Going On in East Palestine, Ohio? It seems really bad! [Curbed]

AMEN: Thank Goodness for Meg Cabot. [The Conversationalist]

Delicious: A Brief Compendium of Preserved Pieces of Cake. [Messy Nessy Chic]

This is so good, at Ask a Manager: The $15,000 coffee fund, the cheapskate executives, and other stories of office coffee wars. (I cannot believe someone — in the UK of course — had a job where a trolley could come by with TOAST FOR YOU IN THE MORNING. This is my dream. A toast trolley that you’d put in an order with the evening before. YES I WANT TOAST.)

Intriguing: Ryan Seacrest Is Out at ‘Live with Kelly,’ and Will Be Replaced by Kelly’s Husband. EXCUSE ME, that’s All My Children’s  Mateo Santos to you!! I cannot express to you how much I was into Hayley and Mateo back in the day. (Hayley, of course, was Kelly Ripa herself!) [Pajiba]

At The New Yorker: A Peloton Superstar’s Self-Reinvention.

A very interesting profile at Elle: The Gospel According to Julia Fox. 

This is sweet: An Icelandic Town Goes All Out to Save Baby Puffins. [Smithsonian Mag]

FYI, I just got this sweater and I REALLY like it. [affiliate link to Banana Republic]

Lainey takes on the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue! Which I feel like used to be a bigger deal than it is now? Is that true, do you think?

Important Michael B Jordan updates!!! [Lainey]

OMG, I HAVE had this jingle in my head for weeks: The Story Behind the Fast-Food Earworm That’s Taken Over America. [Slate]

Speaking of, let’s fight: The official fast-food burger power rankings. [LA Times]

I chuckled at this headline: Rege-Jean Page on being named most handsome: ‘No one’s proven it in a court of law.’ NOT YET! [Celebitchy]

What is going on HERE: “Megan Fox hints at Machine Gun Kelly breakup with cryptic ‘dishonesty’ quote, deletes Instagram photos.” [Socialite Life]

Do you need a treat? I picked some out for you!

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