Brie Larson is an ambassador for Nintendo —  I truly believe her fondness for the brand to be sincere, but it does feel like a weird match for her own brand as an actress — hence her popping out for this event. I truly….do not get her post-Oscars career but she’s making big money doing lots of endorsements, so good for her for being financially sensible. At least she didn’t try to sell us crypto! And to me, this look says, “I’m contractually obligated to be here and I’m doing it very professionally but also not in a way where anyone is going to write an article titled ‘BRIE LARSON STUNS AT SUPER NINTENDO LAUNCH.’ Just gonna go shake some hands and greet some people politely and then go home! Everyone have a great mid-week evening! It’s a Wednesday and I read my manager’s brief about this!” It’s kind of refreshing.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]
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