This time next week, we’ll all be at Fashion Week — either literally or EMOTIONALLY. Until then:

There is a perfectly preserved Tudor wine cellar….UNDERNEATH THE BRITISH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE. LITERALLY a Tudor wine cellar; Cardinal Wolsey built it. You guys HAVE to read this article. It is so interesting. (Edible Geography)

– The New York Times’ Modern Love column is often really annoying. But this piece — about a couple who got married when she was 71 and he 81 — is wonderful, and it made me cry. (NYT)

These dudes have been playing tag for 23 years! It now involves hiding in bushes and car trunks and stalking priests. Hilarious. (Wall Street Journal)

– This pre-dates the Globes, but I KNOW you want to read a History of the Best Friendship of Tina and Amy. (Vulture)

This oral history of Deadspin is such a good read. (I love me some Deadspin.) (Ad Age)

– I am only going to give you the title of this article: For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II. (Smithsonian Mag)

– In similarly intellectually stimulating news, Taco Bell is COMING OUT WITH COOL RANCH DORITOS TACO SHELLS YES. (Gawker)

The Cut celebrates Mr Darcy. But don’t we all? (The Cut)

– Kate Aurthur examines, and I quote, “How Smash Became TV’s Biggest Trainwreck.” A very VERY juicy piece you hate-watchers will love. (Buzzfeed)

Let’s look at that dreamy David Beckham. (Lainey)

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield are engaged?! Why is this blowing my mind so much? (Celebitchy)

– The New York Times put together a tremendous archive detailing the last 15 years of the Oscars red carpet. (NYT)