It was entertaining to look at, I guess, but I feel like… with the exception of “Single Ladies,” when you see Beyonce live, are you really there to watch a bunch of dancing? Or do you want to hear her show off that she’s the best singer on the planet? Obviously this means I’m getting old, but for me the repetitive, seen-it-before choreography and occasional live singing over a backing track feels like stuff you do when you need to a) make sure your voice survives a two-hour-plus concert, or b) distract people from the fact that your pipes aren’t that strong. Neither applies here. And especially for all the defensiveness on the subject, I just wish she’d gone with less prancing and instead laid down a major, unforgettable, thorough schooling in How Live Singing Is Done, Fools. Because: YOU ARE BEYONCE, and you CAN.

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