LA LA LA 19 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS I am not panicking. (Do you need a gift guide? We put one together! Check it out.) While I make my list and check it twice, please enjoy:

– I got to be the Special Guest on this week’s Extra Hot Great podcast, where we talked about the demise of SoapNET and soaps in general, and the demise of Scott Scanlon on Beverly Hills 90210 in partic, and it was extra hot fun. You can listen to the podcast here, or just read my presentation about why that episode of 90210 is the shit here. (Extra Hot Great/Previously.TV)

– Apparently the actual Von Trapps wanted Anne Hathaway rather than Carrie Underwood for last night’s Sound of Music, uh, extravaganza, and I cannot believe I am saying this, but I think I might have liked that better, too. (Refinery29)

– You want to see Every Single Hairdo Mellie Has Ever Had On Scandal. (Vulture)

JK Rowling wrote about jewelry for Harper’s Bazaar UK, and it is (unsurprisingly), so SO good, and in aid of a very good cause. She is my everything. Write about everything for everyone, JK. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– Someone is making posters of the seminal Seinfeld movie Rochelle, Rochelle, and hanging them up all over New York. (Refinery29)

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are just so darn cute together. (Lainey)

The Funny Or Die take on Nikke Finke’s Deadline Hollywood drama is legit really, really good. Oh, Jean Smart, I cherish you. (Funny Or Die)

-- Kate Middleton’s expression upon meeting Idris Elba is hilarious. This is seriously the face we would all make. That face says, “oh my god you’re so hot I can’t stop laughing what’s wrong with me?” (Pajiba)

– There is a dude in Altadena who makes a replica of the Rose Bowl field, and then the Superbowl field, in his own yard. I love that guy! (LA Times)

– Some people have abandoned knitting needles and are currently just knitting with THEIR ARMS. (Disclosure: I am quoted in this story, briefly.) (WSJ)

– Posh, tenderly embracing a polar bear. (People StyleWatch)

– There is some weird ish going on with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux and I agree with Celebitchy that they’re going to announce their break-up at like 5:45pm PST on December 24 or Dec 31, just to screw with the news cycle. OR they’re going to secretly get married over the holidays, but I doubt it. UNFOUNDED GOSSIP!! (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of marriage, Kanye and Kim want to do it at Versailles. I’m sorry, I need to sit down. (The Cut)

– You will like this interview with Allison Janney, who is so wonderful on Masters of Sex, and who says she needs to go to more parties because she is “looking for love.” Lordy, if the glorious Allison Janney is having romantical problems, what chance do the rest of us have? (Vulture)

– Finally, Heather and I were delighted to be part of the Hairpin’s new series of about “invisible labor” — basically, we talked about what we do all day. It was fun! (The Hairpin)