HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE, and welcome to the final Fugs and Pieces of the year! We are beginning end-of-year coverage tomorrow — we’ve got loads of stuff coming your way, so definitely check in over the holiday — and we will be back with regular coverage on January 4th, 2016.  (No Royals Round-Up this week, but I will, as always, cover the Annual Sandringham Christmas Hand-Holding, and we’ve got plenty of royal retrospectives set for the next couple of weeks, never fear.) As we come to the close of a very exciting year for Heather and me, I’d just like to take this moment to thank you all for being such a wonderful community. Your support of us, of GFY, and of The Royal We has been tremendous and we are so grateful. Getting to meet you guys at book signings over the past year was a highlight, and getting to spend time with you in this space every day is a privilege.  Thanks for being here, and here’s to a happy and healthy new year for us all!

– Look inside this AMAZING abandoned subway station! (Hyperallergic)

– Ooooh, some of you are not going to like this story from Lainey: Tom Hardy is an asshole. She does NOT pull punches here.

– Oh, hell yes: 20 Things You Desperately Need To Know About Mariah’s Hallmark Movie  This is great. To wit: “Once Kristin makes it to her free house, she finds a gift basket from Aunt Sarah that introduces the actual second lead in the movie: Folgers Classic Roast. Hallmark has begun to incorporate products into these films, you see, and while I haven’t seen the contracts, I assume they are for more sweet dough than you get in 20 batches of snickerdoodles, because the lingering product beauty shots are legitimately audacious. Like, Aunt Sarah has built this gift basket around a giant canister of Folgers Classic Roast shown in close-up, and later in the movie, while conversing with her love interest, Kristin will pour two mugs of coffee and return to her kitchen table while the camera ignores her and zooms in for a beauty shot of the canister of Folgers Classic Roast. It’s always possible that these are freely made artistic choices, in which the headline news coming out of this movie is Mariah Carey Really Has Quite A Thing For Affordable Supermarket Coffee.” (Monkey See)

– At Vanity Fair: 24 Delightful Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cameos You Might Have Missed. (Spoilers, obviously)

– From our friends at The Toast: Unnecessary Digs At Servants In Classic Vampire Novels

I didn’t know that Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender were dating. Where have I been? (Celebitchy)

– Bless you, Pajiba: Christmas Movie Drinking Games to Get You Through the Holidays

You guys are going to love this Hamilton cocktail! Casey at Good. Food. Stories. knows her stuff — both in terms of booze, and Hamilton, and Hamilton.

– Also for your cocktail needs: Frozen Candy Cane Cocktails, at The Chic Site.

– Good stuff, from Atlas Obscura: The Poisonous Beauty Advice Columns of Victorian England

– Related? At Refinery29: The Best Beauty Products From 2015 — According To Pros. I LOVE Best Of lists.

– Even more specifically, Into The Gloss ranks the best sheet masks.

– At Bon Appetit, this was a good read: Why “Desperation Pies” Are Making a Comeback. I also LOVE weird American food. I want to make that Ritz crackers pie.

– Over at Collector’s Weekly, ooooooh, rare books!

– Did you hear??!?! James Franco Is Remaking Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? for Lifetime. I think I speak for all of us when I say: !!!!!

And, finally, it’s not officially the holidays until we all watch the feathered hair and heart-wrenching betrayal so perfectly packaged for us all in that seasonal masterpiece, “Last Christmas,” by Wham!

EVERYONE’s hair looks like Princess Diana.