First: Do you need a new red lipstick? We’ve rounded up all the recommendations from past chats for you here.

The most important thing you’ll read all day is this oral history of that time One Tree Hill had a dog eat Dan Scott’s replacement heart. We have been referencing this for YEARS AND YEARS and it’s great to see it finally acknowledged as the brilliant batshittery it is: “And I remember—Joe’s got this big New York accent, and I remember him standing behind the camera, and the dog staring at the heart with zero interest in picking it up, and Joe was saying, “The freakin’ heart’s right there, Catfish. Pick it up! Get it, Catfish!” Spoiler: There is a happy ending for Catfish that doesn’t involve hearts. You also need to know Mike Schur — Parks & Rec, The Good Place — shows it in his writers’ rooms regularly. [The Ringer]

Ashley C. Ford wrote a great piece for The Cut — ostensibly about the economics and history of plus size fashion, but also about the women who wear it and want better options — that is very well worth your time. Here is just a sample: “In the end, no one is more aware of how much business is out there waiting to be claimed than Nicolette Mason, my original Tumblr hero. Mason has partnered with her friend Gabi Gregg on their own clothing line, aptly named Premme (a mash-up of ‘premium’ and ‘femme’). This isn’t a capsule collection or a collaboration with a well-known retailer. It’s big women designing clothes for big women. ‘It’s a brand we built from the ground up,’ says Mason. ‘It’s unabashedly femme and feminist, plus-size focused, and carrying sizes from a 12 to a 30. It’s a whole new approach to how plus-size women actually shop.’ In the midst of their excitement over the launch of Premme, Gregg is quick to state that they are not delusional. They know that there are some women who will be hesitant to dress in the patterns and colors they’ve chosen. ‘There are a lot of plus-size women who don’t like their bodies,” she says. “They have been told not to [like themselves] over and over. We’re trying to simultaneously change the minds of the fashion industry and women who have been brainwashed to believe they are not beautiful and so do not deserve to wear our clothes.'”

This is my favorite Vows column ever: She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym. [New York Times]

Rihanna NEVER phones it in, thank god. She was at the Crop Over Festival in Barbados this week and she committed. This is also, for example, why she’s fun at the Met Gala. Rihanna understands the importance of adherence to a dress code. [Revelist]

Taylor Swift is in the midst of a lawsuit where she’s suing a radio host for grabbing her butt at a meet-and-greet (he sued her first because he claimed she got him fired; she is counter-suing for damages of $1). She is handling this very well and basically is taking NO SHIT from that jerkwad’s defense lawyer. (I am kind of put-off by the fact that nearly everyone who is covering this story is using headlines like TAYLOR’S TEN BEST COMEBACKS IN HER SEXUAL ASSAULT TRIAL, like, do we have to listify everything? I know this is how you get people to click in, but jeez.) [Vulture]

This is neat: “For the first time ever, a Hollywood movie has inspired a new publicly funded exchange program through the U.S. State Department. And naturally, that movie was 2016’s Hidden Figures, a film that failed to bring home an Oscar but instead is bringing home 50 women working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) from around the world.” Pajiba has the whole scoop.

At Racked: I Bought a Caftan With My Dog’s Face on It.  This is so good: “I used to recreationally make myself cry on long train rides by thinking about the inevitability of my husband’s death; now I think about the inevitability of hers. This is all to say that to me, given the person I am and the emotional state I’m in and the dog to whom I’ve committed my heart, learning that I could give the internet 300 dollars and in exchange receive a custom-printed formal caftan printed with my dog’s face seemed not only like an unobjectionable course of action, but a correct one.”

Also at Racked, this is legitimately scientifically interesting: How Washing Your Hair Could Help You Survive a Nuclear Blast. (Spoiler: DON’T USE CONDITIONER.)

Okay, this is Heather talking: I have never cared a whit for Game of Thrones, but I would watch seven seasons’ worth of Leslie Jones recapping each episode with Seth Meyers. “Game of Jones” is legit the only thing that has ever made me want to see any more of GoT beyond what I’ve caught while crossing my living room while Kevin has it on. [via Vulture] (I, Jessica, however, am here to talk to you about GoT if you feel the need. – J)

Lainey’s got some Charming Channing Tatum for you, and you probably need this today.

Town & Country breaks down the Lilly Pulitzer origin story, and it’s quite interesting. To wit: “for many people, the name Lilly Pulitzer conjures up images of an affluent, prim-and-proper woman on her way to the beach; not a free-spirited bohemian who loved martinis, loathed underwear (she rarely wore it), and toted her pet monkey around town. But Lilly Pulitzer had a penchant for surprising people, and the story of how she launched her namesake brand is no different: it began in the confines of a psychiatric hospital.”

Into the Gloss HELPFULLY brings us the very best white tee shirts out there (and I 100% suggest you check out the comments, for further recommendations).

I always enjoy the reading recommendations over at The Stripe.

Marie Claire visited the set of season three of Outlander! It looks pretty glorious.

Finally, Bobbi Brown wrote a personal essay for Girlboss about how she got her start.