Happy Friday, Fug Nation! I hope you can wait out this weekend patiently, knowing that the Fug Madness final game is Monday. I know it will be difficult. Until then:

– You can actually still vote on Bieber vs. Rihanna and Rob Kardashian’s ex vs. Rob Kardashian’s sister. The comments sections are vibrant, the fug is ferocious, and Rita Ora has been sneaking up on Kim all day.

– Did we mention that we’re appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books again this year? We are very excited. Los Angelenos, please come out and see us on the YA Stage on Sunday, April 21 at 10:30 a.m., where we will be appearing along with Abby McDonald and Paul Rudnick in a panel moderated by Aaron Hartzler. I will be all hopped up on coffee [H: And that is way too early for my hair to look anything but totally insane, which is fun… for you maybe], so when we sign your books afterwards, there is NO TELLING what I will write!

We also wrote about Saoirse Ronan for The Cut this week. She has worn some crazy stuff AND some cute stuff. (The Cut)

– We are obviously very distraught about Roger Ebert going to that big multiplex in the sky, where I hope they’re always showing 3 great movies and one really, really, really terrible one — because Ebert, of course, was always best when he really hated something. Have you read his review of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo? Because I was going to link to one of the many great stories about Ebert that ran yesterday and today, but instead I’m just going to link to that review, because it is brilliantly written, masterfully paced, and the final two paragraphs are…well, just read it.  There was no one better. (The Chicago Sun Times)

– I love this: Memories of the Oldest Living Brooklyn Dodger. (New York Times)

– In which Rebecca Harrington tries, like Rihanna and Marc Jacobs before her, to dress solely in pajamas. It doesn’t go very well. (The Cut)

– The best episode of The Cosby Show aired 27 years ago this week. You KNOW which one it is. (Glamour)

Jamie Lynn Spears ALSO wants Justin and Britney to get back together. This amuses me. (Lainey)

GQ made Drew Magary get kidnapped for fun. Well, “fun.” (GQ)

– You need to read this article about the sets for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great GatsbyThe movie may be terrible but it certainly will look good. (Architectural Digest)

– This headline just makes me laugh:”Photos of The Rock Making Things Look Small.” Also, I really love The Rock. (Vulture)

– Did you know that Dr Seuss collected crazy hats? They’re on tour and they are AMAZING. (Collector’s Weekly)

– So, a bunch of schools in Norway have RESCHEDULED EXAMS so that kids can go see Bieber. I can’t even. (Time)

Refinery29 takes a look at the man-bob. I just want to talk about Ron Eldard’s horrible man-bob on Justified this season. (Refinery29)

– Sometimes I talk back to my computer and when I read the headline Lindsey Vonn ‘convinced that Tiger is cheating on her,’ I said, “NO SHIT.” I don’t know why I am so obsessed with that Bad Idea Jeans of a relationship, but I am. (Celebitchy)