By the standards of her shockingly successful Fug Madness run, this isn’t so bad. It’s actually even partially pretty.

But I am not sure what the tourniquet around her waist is in aid of, when you consider that the bodice itself is binding her chest tighter than a book spine.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can come up with here. It’s Friday. Most famous people have been hibernating since before Easter. Fug Madness and technical difficulties in the past two weeks have made me unusually idiotic — or at least, I hope this is unusual — and I seriously actually typed the sentence, “FREE CHRISTA’s Bs,” before I hit delete and smacked myself in the forehead. I guess I should’ve had a V-8. But it’s okay. The ACMs are on Sunday, and MTV’s Movie Awards are coming up, and Fug Madness’s final is on Monday, and “One Fugging Moment” will rejuvenate me and rekindle my will to type… things are going to get better than FREE CHRISTA’S Bs. I swear. I PROMISE.

[Photo: Getty]