Hey guys! We are getting the weekend started  little early this week because we are zonked from traveling around with The Royal We. We will be back to full capacity next week and HOW — the MTV Movie Awards are on Sunday, so we’ll be kicking out the jams on Monday morning with a vengeance. And I also promise I will get the first Wolf Hall recap up before it airs again on Sunday.  Thank you all SO SO SO much for coming out and saying hello in DC and NYC this week. It has been beyond wonderful getting to meet you all and we feel incredibly grateful that we have such an awesome readership. We really do love you guys; Fug Nation is the best community on the internet, as far as I am concerned. (As a reminder, we are going to be at the LA Times Festival of Books on Sunday, April 19th at 1:30pm, and in Chicago for their book festival on the weekend of June 6th and 7th [time TBD], so if you’re in either of those towns, please come out! We really wish we could come to more cities, but it depends on where our publisher decides to send us. With any luck, we’ll be sent out on the road for more events in the fullness of time.)

– This does seem like a good place to remind you that the book is available at last, and you can buy it from a variety of online purveyors, your local indie, or get it from your local library. If you do decide to read it: THANK YOU, very very much. To make it easy for you, you can:

– Huge thanks to Glamour, who named the book to its Spring Break Book List (“The pages turn as easily as a tabloid feature on the royal couple—and you’ll end up just as obsessed with Bex and Nick as you already are with Wills and Kate,” they say) and to People, which made it one of People’s picks this week, which literally fulfills one of my life dreams.

– THAT out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Namely, I can’t believe JK Rowling was in New York when we were, and we didn’t run into her and make her our best friend, to whom we could ask all kinds of annoying questions about Ron Weasley. (Lainey)

– We NEED this Golden Girls Lego set! (Time)

–Oooh, look at all these good bookstores! (Smithsonian)

– You are doing good work, Vulture: Your Guide to the Hot Sons of Hollywood

– OH YES: The Most Iconic Sunglasses Styles of All Time (Marie Claire)

– I LOVE this series on The Toast. This time: How To Tell If You Are In A Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta. Like, “The love of your life is either your childhood sweetheart whom you have never forgotten, or a man you met fifteen seconds ago,” and “Everyone around you knows your greatest secrets well enough to sing appropriate choruses as you reveal them.”

– This 1974 US Forest Service cocktail guide is awesome. (Esquire)

– Nora Dunn is DISHING the SNL dirt. She is totally invited to Drinks With Broads. (Pajiba)

– Speaking of dishing the dirt, this interview with Liz Smith in The Hollywood Reporter is so freaking great.  She RUNS Drinks With Broads.

– Well, it looks like this Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield break is for real. LOVE IS DEAD. (Celebitchy)

Look at all this cute personalized jewelry. (I LOVE personalized things. I wear a necklace with my initials on it AND my bag is monogrammed.) (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

– These vintage Lilly Pulitzer ads are AWESOME. (The College Prepster)

– This is interesting, at Buzzfeed: I Saw My Admissions Files Before Yale Destroyed Them

– Also really interesting: Sex and Suffering: The Tragic Life of the Courtesan in Japan’s Floating World (Collector’s Weekly)