First of all, “Cyberobics” sounds TERRIFYING, like an aerobics class lead by cyborgs who will never let you take a water break. I fear that whoever picked out this look for Kate was similarly unfeeling:

The pants are not great — they’re like something you’d see on a super chic stilts-artisan at a hipster circus — but I honestly think they could be worse, and what’s really letting her down is that top. The ruffled hem is making her actual skin look like a paper-bag waist and that seems like something the cyborgs would want to avoid.

My feeling is she might have been better off wearing this top with both sets of trousers:

This rise feels extreme to me, although I know it’s at her natural waist; I think it’s less that the rise is out of control and more that the crotch is hanging a little low, and no one needs an excessively low-hanging crotch. My personal take is that these wide-legged, natural-waisted pants generally work best if you just really throw yourself into the Cranky Katharine Hepburn Leans Against a Doorjamb and Smokes of it all. Impeccably tailor yourself, stick a pencil in your hair, and get ready to match wits with someone.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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