We need to discuss how bizarre the notion is of Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as sitcom-costars. And yet, The Crazy Ones exists, which should probably be re-punctuated The Crazy One(s). Instead of promoting most of the actual shows, CBS did behind-the-scenes reels, and it’s probably a bad sign that the theme of The Crazy One’s is, “All the stuff off camera and the ruined takes have been SO FUN AND FUNNY.” I anticipate many tales from the set about SMG, who strikes me as a total efficient professional, wanting to Buffy Punch the hell out of Mork. Will Arnett’s The Millers looks so terrible that one can only imagine how desperate he was to take any job at all that ensured Up All Night died a decisive death. The two comedies that look okay, I still don’t know that I’d go out of my way to watch every week: We Are Men might not be awful and Allison Janney and Anna Faris were superb casting for Mom. I bet that one sticks.

As for dramas, there’s just some limited-run Hostages thing — I do love the words “limited run” when it comes to those sorts of stories — and then Josh Holloway’s Intelligence, a.k.a. CSI: Persons of Interest, a.k.a. My Brain Has WiFi. It’s basically an excuse to do a bunch of 3D graphics of crime scenes and evidence walls while Sawyer broods. There are worse reasons to do a TV show. Considering Persons of Interest still seems to exist despite Jim Caviezel being a tree with a mouth, it’ll probably do relatively well.

Fug the Show candidates: Zero. This is a recurring theme. I may have to fugcap Sleepy Hollow just to feel alive.

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