Miley’s head and shoulders look great — seriously, if that’s what yoga on the beach does, I’m IN — but I can’t decide about the jumpsuit.

Yes, it’s a jumpsuit, so my predisposition is clear. But it’s not as awful on her as many of them are — my concerns are mostly at the top and bottom, rather than the dreaded middle. It’s bunching like mad by her ankle and the top has some folds that make it look like it’s drooping. Yanked up and maybe trimmed a little, would this have worked for you? Or does it work as-is? And can we patent the term “alchemiley” to describe whatever it is she’s doing lately that’s making me lean YAY over NAY to most of what she’s doing?

Let's hear it:

  • Damn, this might be great on her (46%, 2,630 Votes)
  • Damn, this might have been great on her (29%, 1,692 Votes)
  • Damn, this is not great on her (9%, 516 Votes)
  • DAMN IT STRAIGHT TO HELL (16%, 914 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,752

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